NR can perform the editing and/or proofreading of existing translations.

NR’s experienced DTP professionals will create a high quality final product in line with the client’s needs. NR works with the latest DTP hardware and software programs such as Indesign, FrameMaker, QuarkXpress, and Illustrator. Our DTP operators can work with all file types ranging from simple Microsoft Word files to more complex HTML, XML and SGML files. Documents can be formatted according to specified page layouts and sent to our clients ready for print. Upon request, the printing can also be made by NR.

Various versions of this service include Simultaneous Interpreting (conferences, business meetings), Consecutive Interpreting (small formal and informal meetings), Whispered Interpreting and Telephone Interpreting. NR provides interpreting services to the companies in every field through experienced interpreters for meetings, conferences, seminars, presentations, voice-overs, conference calls, legal proceedings, escorting and video conferences.

Translating your website is the single most cost-effective way to reach global consumers and expand your brand overseas. As only 1/3 of global Internet users are native English speakers, the translation of your website in different languages is a massive opportunity to increase both revenue and market share. NR Translation Services provides comprehensive website translation & localization services in many languages for online retailers, eCommerce websites and global brands. For over 20 years, NR has helped companies successfully localize their website content and transform language barriers into revenue opportunities.

Our subtitlers are highly skilled linguists, using the most up-to-date software and industry-standard guidelines. They handle large volumes of work at impressive speed, while safeguarding quality. Our subtitling teams offer tailored services, which communicate content in a concise way, whilst staying true to the source material. We can help you as well for specific needs in relation with dubbing.

Some of our main fields

Legal and Finance: Contracts, loan agreements, bids, litigation, insurance, corporate documents, financial statements

Technical: Owners manuals, software/hardware, heavy industry machines, electronics, feasibility reports

Marketing: Promotional material, catalogs

Automotive: User’s manuals, shop manuals, training documents

Medical: Medical devices, literatures, clinical research

IT: Software, website, applications


Our language pairs

We offer many language pairs and our rates change according to the topic, difficulty, format and size of the projects. We provide translation services into and from over 180 languages, covering a range of content and specialist subjects, no matter the file or format of your document. We provide a full range of language translation services that cover all our clients’ needs in many languages. We handle everything from content creation, through translation and layout to content delivery.

The price of the project will depend on factors such as
  • Quantity of text – number of words and characters
  • Text subject and field
  • Required execution time
  • Source language(s) / target language(s)
  • Source format
  • Required target format
  • Additional project services if applicable