Native and Reliable Translation

How to Work
The first step in translation services is to understand the client's requirements in terms of project scope, timing and format. The assigned Project Coordinator analyses the project and if necessary uses Trados, a translation memory and matching tool which can save the client substantial time and money. Coordinator then distributes the source files to the translators with the right expertise and industry knowledge, manages the editing –primarily in-house- and the DTP processes. The Coordinator interacts with the client and solicits final feedback to make sure the end product matches exactly with the customer's instructions, e.g. format, terminology updates. Regarding legal documents to be presented to Turkish bodies, we can have them certified and notarized.

Our Quality Management

There are three pillars of NR’s quality management
Commitment to Quality Standards and Honesty: We prefer not taking on an assignment if we truly believe our absolute maximum resources will not be able to produce an end product complying with our standards (for instance, when a long and complex translation is requested in a very short period of time). Translation is not a simple task and we are aware that the mistakes can be costly. Our clients are important to us.
Confidentiality and Security: We do realize that some of the translated texts carry proprietary and confidential information. We are therefore happy to sign confidentiality agreements with our clients, which also cover the freelancers. Furthermore, our computer and archiving systems are password-protected.
Technology: NR makes use of the most advanced translation technologies available in the market to ensure price competitiveness, promptness and consistency for our clients.

We receive feedback from our customers during translation process and conduct surveys after completion of every project. Our language quality responsible audits language quality. We use quantitative and qualitative methods to assess quality regarding various aspects of projects. The review process is critical to the quality of the translated product. As part of our Quality Assurance (QA) process, various checklists are therefore used to ensure all steps have been completed.

Besides, all translations are given a basic proof-read called a PM check. This is not to be confused with a Language proof-read; a PM check is carried out by our project manager and involves making sure that all source material has been translated and that all reference material have been used properly.

All of our translation must be reviewed by a second, equally qualified translator as per our quality standards. This review checks translation accuracy, register, and style to confirm the translated text’s “suitability for purpose”. The reviewer will proof a hard copy printout and/or perform an on-screen review, depending on the need of each particular project. The translator will conduct a final review of the project to ensure that the text has been formatted correctly. He/she will verify that words have been hyphenated properly and nothing has been omitted from the text during the formatting stage.

Finally, the Project Manager will gather all the deliverables and verify that they meet your original specifications. He/she will make sure the layout, page numbers, proper names and other details match your source document one last time. This is what we call "final-eye".

NR Translation Services is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 in both translation and linguistic validation.

We are active participants in the industry, and we support the one of the most prestigious association of professional societies, Association of Translation Companies ( which gathers the translation companies working at the highest standards in Turkey and our CEO, Rüya Oruçoğlu is the vice-president of the related association.

ISO 17100:2015

The European Committee for Standardization wrote ISO 17100 specifically for the translation industry.

ISO 9001:2015

This quality standard is a must-have for the life sciences industry and is based on quality management principles based around a strong customer focus, motivation of top management, the process approach and continual improvement. These standards guarantee that you will receive a high standard of service based on a rigorous process incorporating a number of verification phases.

Our Technology

As in all businesses, translation can also benefit from an array of hardware and software in order to improve the efficiency, cost competitiveness and consistency of translation services. NR spends up to 10% of its annual revenues in technology. We can use Trados, MemoQ, Passolo and many other CAT tools for your projects. This allows benefits to our clients as it means money saved, faster turnaround times and consistency of translations on style and terminology, in particular with large translation projects.